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Hearty Rose Shrubs

Martha Stewart Living, March 1997

Unlike typical hybrid tea roses, which require regular spraying and protection against winter cold throughout much of the country, the dozen roses shown here require no more care than a lilac or azalea -- and they bloom just as dependably. Each of these hardy shrubs has attractive foliage and form that can be integrated into the landscape, and their blossoms range from simple species-type flowers to huge, multi-petaled blooms.

A Dozen Dependable Roses
1. 'Morden Blush,' one of the cold-hardy Morden series bred in Manitoba, Canada, is ideal for gardeners in the Central and Mountain states.

2. 'Cornelia' is a sweet-scented hybrid musk rose that flowers repeatedly, producing sprays of small flowers on a spreading shrub.

3. 'Morden Ruby,' another cold-hardy Canadian rose, continuously produces large, ruby-colored blooms on a small shrub.

4. 'Sweet Brier' (Rosa rubignosa), a species rose with spicy-scented foliage, bears single pink flowers followed by scarlet hips.

5. 'Cardinal de Richelieu' is a gallica, a hardy kind of old-fashioned rose with sweet-smelling flowers and nearly thornless canes.

6. 'Madame Hardy' is a damask rose, a hardy class that dates to ancient times. It bears clear white blooms with green button eyes and an intense perfume.

7. 'Assiniboine,' an early introduction from the Manitoba, Canada agricultural department, is a vigorous grower with recurrent crimson flowers.

8. 'Henry Hudson' has some rugosa blood, giving it exceptional hardiness and a problem-free nature. Its white flowers bloom on a low-growing plant.

9. 'Golden Wings,' a shrub rose, tolerates poor soil and shade, producing fragrant, golden flowers all season.

10. 'Country Dancer,' one of the Buck roses bred at Iowa State University, is a consistent repeat bloomer, with dark, glossy foliage.

11. White Rose of York (Rosa x alba 'Semiplena') is one of the oldest albas, dating to the 13th century. It has fragrant blooms and orange hips.

12. 'Danae' is a hybrid musk, a class of rose that performs well in a range of hardiness zones. Its yellow buds unfold to creamy white.

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