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Employees' Commitments

The Martha Stewart Show, Episode 2168

More than 50 Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia employees have made commitments inspired by President Clinton's initiative. They range from taking mass transit to work to donating time and money to charitable foundations of their choice. Read about the commitments of three staff members below.

Jackie Jameson, Garden Expert on "The Martha Stewart Show"
Jackie just bought a six-acre 1840 colonial farm and is designing it using environmentally conscious principles. Her objectives are to create a beautiful home for herself and to create a place of inspiration for others. The property will become carbon negative, absorbing more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere than it creates. As she renovates the property, which includes a 160-year-old barn, she will reuse materials, such as salvaged wood from parts of the house and barn she is dismantling. There is also an open field on the property, and she's planting fruit, nut, vegetable, and herb gardens. Anyone can make their home green -- start with something small, like switching your lightbulbs, and progress from there. To learn more about Jackie's renovations and updates, visit

Dr. Brent Ridge, Vice President of Healthy Living, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia
Brent believes the foundation of a healthy, long life begins with a good education. With an annual donation of $1,000 to Sereolipi Nomadic Education Foundation, he funds the development of an educational infrastructure for nomadic children in northern Kenya. His donation completely supports a school for an entire year -- from the lightweight structure used for the school to all of its supplies. He will double his donation to $2,000 this year, which will support two schools. This program was started by Brent's friend Jane Newman and has been very successful, going from just 130 children enrolled in school when the program started in 2001 to 680 this year.

Sereolipi Nomadic Education Foundation Inc.
c/o Whitney Tilson
1165 Fifth Avenue, Apt. 4-C
New York, New York 10029

Donna Kramer-Merritt, Associate Publisher, Body+Soul
Donna's commitment is to educate and inspire others and to lead by example. Last summer, after she watched "An Inconvenient Truth," she knew she had to take personal action to increase awareness of global warming. Her commitment is to spread the word even more and focus on inspiring young people. She became one of 1,000 people trained by Al Gore to give slide-show presentations to educate and inspire people to take personal, political, and social action. She committed to give 10 presentations in 2007 and has already done more than 15, reaching more than 1,000 people. She also has many more planned for this fall.

Sign up on to join President Clinton in making commitments to take action. This site will provide tools and inspiration to enable people to make a difference effectively.

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