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Fresh ginger is a marvelous addition to many recipes, but all too often, because it's sold in large sections or "knobs," you're left with excess ginger that will most likely dry up or spoil before it can be used. Martha's friend Madhur Jaffrey, an Indian-cooking expert, shows you how to easily preserve your ginger by planting it.

When shopping, look for ginger pieces with smooth, taut skin. For frequent use, store ginger in a cool, airy basket, much like you would keep onions and potatoes. For longer storage, partially fill a small ceramic pot with lightly moistened (not too wet) potting soil, place the ginger piece inside, and cover with more soil. Keep the pot in a sunny window, and don't water it too frequently. The ginger will grow fresh knobs and sprouts that can be used in cooking. Whenever a recipe calls for ginger, simply dig it up, break off a piece, and replant the remainder.


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