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Wastebasket Alternatives

Martha Stewart Living Television

We all know a wastebasket when we see one, whether it’s in a kitchen, office, or bathroom. Most often, they’re strictly functional with minimal decoration, but there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to incorporate a wastebasket into the design of a room.

Cracker barrels, like the kind used in old-fashioned stores, make perfect wastebaskets, as do antique pickle crocks (Martha tops off hers with a custom-made copper lid). Or, use terra-cotta jugs, sap buckets, farmers’ slop buckets, or kitchen canisters, such as those used to hold coffee or sugar. You can insert small plastic cylinders (which can be removed for easy washing) into these, and if they do not come with lids, you can easily make one or have one made.

A woven covered basket can be equipped with a trash bag to become an unusual kitchen wastebasket, and if a wire bushel basket is outfitted with a wooden circle on the bottom, it can serve as a decorative trash can for paper and dry waste.


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