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Banyan Trees

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In the Calcutta Botanical Garden, there is a single tree that spans four acres in a tangle of branches, roots, and intertwined trunks. Known as the banyan, it has the appearance of a knotty group of many individual trees, but it's really just all part of a single, expansive tree. At four acres, it is the largest known banyan in the world. Other sizeable examples have been cultivated internationally, and one of the more striking sights on the grounds of the Fairchild Tropical Garden in Coral Gables, Florida, is its banyan. Native to India and Southeast Asia, the trees grow wild in the jungles and serve as gathering areas for public events in native villages. At the time of a banyan's germination, its root sends shoots deep into the ground, sprouting other roots, which, in turn, produce multiple trunks and create the appearance of several trees twisted together.

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