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Asian Wrapping Paper

Source: The Martha Stewart Show, September 2008



  • Squeegee

  • Sharp utility knife

  • Medium-weight paper, with shiny finish

  • Painter's tape or other low-tack tape

  • Paintbrush

  • Liquid acrylic paint

  • Wood strip (optional)

  • Surface protectors, such as EZ-Glide (optional)


  1. Make combing tool by using the utility knife to cut a toothed pattern along the rubber edge of the squeegee.

  2. Secure paper to table with painter's tape. Be sure to choose a medium-weight paper with a somewhat shiny finish, which won't absorb too much water and get wrinkled.

  3. With paintbrush, apply a thin, even coat of liquid acrylic paint across the entire surface of the paper. (Latex house paint would also work, but acrylic paint has more body and yields crisper results.)

  4. Starting at the edge of the paper, drag your tool across to the opposite end, applying firm, even pressure. (To make perfectly straight lines, use a guide made from a narrow strip of wood with surface protectors stuck to the bottom at each end to raise it off the paper. Or create freehand waves, zigzags, or crisscross patterns.)

  5. Repeat until entire surface is combed. (If you don't like the results, quickly brush over the area or entire surface, reapply paint, and re-comb.)

  6. Set paper aside to dry for at least an hour.

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