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Bat-and-Moon Treat Bags

The materials you need to create a trick-or-treat bag, an attractive way to present Halloween party favors, or just a spooky lunch bag are probably already in your house. Follow these simple instructions to embellish a plain brown paper bag with full moons and swooping bats.

Source: Martha Stewart Living Television


  • Brown paper lunch bags

  • Alphabet stamp set (optional)

  • Stamp pad (optional)

  • 1 3/4-inch punch

  • Yellow paper

  • Glue stick

  • Mini-hole punch

  • Scissors

  • Brown or black seam binding

  • Scalloped-edge scissors


  1. Fold in the top corners of a bag at a 30-degree angle; the bag should resemble the outline of a house. Fold the top of the bag down about 1 1/2 inches to create a flap. If you want, stamp a message -- such as "Boo" -- on the bag.

  2. Use the 1 3/4-inch punch to punch a circle from the yellow paper (or trace a circle approximately the same size and cut it out). This will serve as a moon. Adhere the moon to the upper right-hand corner of the front with the glue stick.

  3. To create the bats, use the mini-punch to punch two pairs of holes, about 1/8 inch apart inside the moon. Be sure the holes are punched through the back flap so it can be securely closed. Carefully fill the bag with treats or whatever else you'd like.

  4. Cut a 5-inch piece of seam binding for each pair of holes punched in the bag, and trim the ends so they taper into a point. Thread the seam binding so both ends are in the front of the bag and tie it in a half-knot. Use a pair of scalloped edgers to snip off the excess seam binding on each end, making sure the points of the scallop face outwards. Repeat this step for the other pair of holes. Repeat with remaining bags.

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