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Cast-Hand Craft

This Mother's Day, create a personalized cast hand craft, a do-it-yourself gift that is sure to impress.

Source: The Martha Stewart Show, April April Spring 2007 2007


  • Smooth-On Cast Hand Kit

  • Drill and paint mixer attachment

  • Utility knife


  1. Mix one part alja-safe powder with one part water. Mix thoroughly with a drill and paint mixer attachment.

  2. Pour mixture into plastic container large enough to fit your hand. Insert hand, ensuring that your knuckles and fingers stay clear of the sides of the container. Let sit for 8 minutes or until firm.

  3. Carefully release your hand from mold.

  4. Mix two parts hydrocal plaster with one part water. Pour plaster into mold. Let harden for 3 hours time.

  5. Carefully cut mold apart and reveal hand.

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