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Magazine Holder

The Martha Stewart Show, October 2008

This Good Thing is perfect for keeping magazines of a compact size, like our Everyday Food magazine, organized and contained in one place.

Tools and Materials
Everyday Food magazine holder template
Lightweight printer/copy paper
Double-sided tape
Photo mat board
Mat knife
White craft glue
Binder clips

Magazine Holder How-To
1. Download the template from our website and print at 200 percent. Print on multiple pieces of letter paper and tape together, if necessary.

2. Temporarily secure template to mat board, using double-sided tape.

3. Using a mat knife, cut through the solid lines of the template.

4. Score on dotted lines with the mat knife by gently and carefully cutting halfway through board. (Tip: You may want to practice scoring on a piece of scrap mat board first.)

5. Fold board at score lines, and form into the box shape. Glue the long, thin tab to the inside of the box with craft glue, squaring the box. Hold in place with a binder clip until dry.

6. Fold all but the largest flap in to form the bottom. Spread craft glue on the bottom of the folded flaps, and fold the largest flap in to meet them, squaring the box as you do so. Place magazines or other weight inside the holder to keep in place until dry.

Resources All materials are available at artist's-supply or crafts store. The white glue is from Martha Stewart Crafts and the mat knife is from Stanley.

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