To add heat, crunch, and Italian flair to dishes -- think pasta, salads, and sandwiches -- reach for a jar of peperoncini (sometimes spelled pepperoncini). We love the small, eat-'em-whole size of the ones from Paesana. Here are three more ways to savor them.

Topping Off Eggs

Perk up breakfast or brunch by adding sliced peperoncini to potato and zucchini hash, and serve it with eggs. Or simply scatter slices of the peppers over fried or scrambled eggs, or fold them into an omelet.

Stuffed with Salami

This hors d'oeuvre is a tasty study in contrasts. Slice peperoncini open. Stuff with salami or prosciutto, and spread with cream cheese. Warm in the oven until cheese begins to melt, about 5 minutes.


Tucked into a Fish Taco

Add piquancy to the summertime favorite by swapping in peperoncini for jalapenos. Wrap the peppers in a tortilla with grilled tilapia, radishes, scallions, and cilantro. Finish with a squeeze of lime.



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