In autumn, flowers are on the wane, and their stems don't grow as long as they did during the glory days of summer. A vase extender at the base of an arrangement can create the impression of long-stemmed elegance despite the season.

Vase Extender How-To

1. Carefully, insert an upturned jelly jar into the vase. This will raise the surface of its internal base several inches. If you need even more height, place another jar on top of the first, and keep adding, until you've created a small tower of jars.

2. Place a flower frog in the top glass -- it will be much easier to remove now that it's so close to the mouth of the vase.

3. Fill the vase with water, and arrange your flowers, making sure to snip the ends before you place them.

Arrangement Tip

Martha always likes to fill her vase to the very top. She uses flowers picked at the coolest times of day, and she adds a little plant food, all of which extends the life of the flowers.

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