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Muscari Arrangement

Source: The Martha Stewart Show, April 2008


Also called grape hyacinth, muscari is a royal blue bulb that begins to bloom in April. A few of these simple arrangements make a wonderful nature-inspired scene perfect for a table or a mantle.


  • Muscari blooms

  • Clump moss

  • Ball jars

  • Wooden stump vases

  • Tissue paper

  • Gardening shears


  1. Position clump moss inside a decorative wooden vase.

  2. Place ball jar inside vase so that it is surrounded by clump moss.

  3. Tuck in additional clump moss to conceal jar.

  4. Fill jar with tepid water.

  5. Trim the bottoms of cut muscari blooms with gardening shears, and place them inside jar.

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