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Monster Mittens

Source: The Martha Stewart Show, January 2008


Try a pair of fire-breathing dragons for maximum toastiness. If it's bitingly cold, however, our shark works best. Lion mittens are especially good when the wind roars. To create them, simply sew features cut from felt to fleece mittens. Buttons and embroidery will complete the face.


  • Felt

  • Sewing machine

  • Scissors

  • Iron


  1. Download and print the monster mittens template. Attach felt pieces to fleece mittens with all-purpose thread and a sewing needle. Use embroidery floss to create nostrils, and sew on buttons for eyes.

  2. Cut out three felt fins; sew on. For teeth, sew white rickrack to front curve of glove.

  3. For mane, cut 2 wide felt pieces to cover the top 3/4 of mitten. Crease felt lengthwise down the middle with an iron. Pin pieces together, and cut a fringe on each side with pinking shears. Sew to mitten along the crease. Glue pink and orange felt triangles together for ears, and sew on; cut a felt tongue, and sew on underside of mitten.

  4. Cut two same-shape felt pieces for scales. Stack; slide top piece down. Pin; crease down the middle with an iron, and sew to glove. Sew on a notched rectangle for a darting tongue.

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