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Holiday Garland

Source: The Martha Stewart Show, December 2006


1. You can use different types of greenery from your garden for garland. For example, Douglas fir, boxwood, or blue spruce. Select several pieces of greenery you would like to use.

2. Anchor a long piece of twine to a table or chair.

3. Place greenery together in a bunch. Place bunch on twine.

4. Attach greenery with 22-gauge floral wire. Finish wiring greenery clusters to the base.

5. Hang from evenly spaced tacks, screws, or picture hooks so it droops uniformly between the hooks.

6. Mist garland with water daily to extend its life. Display out of direct sunlight.

7. Keep it away from heat sources, sparks, or flames. When garland becomes dry, discard it promptly to avoid a fire hazard.


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