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Copper Bird Feeder

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Hanging a bird feeder in your yard is not only a friendly service to your avian friends, but can also be an elegant decoration, especially if you choose one made of warm, burnished copper. David Bowden of Bowden's Sheet Metal in Bar Harbor, Maine, shares the techniques he uses to carefully craft bird feeders of the finest quality copper.

David's bird feeders are designed and built one at a time. First, a pattern is traced onto a sheet of metal for each of the walls, the floor, and the roof. Then, the shapes are cut out by hand and the sharp edges "hemmed" -- folded over to make them smooth. He crafts glass-support pieces from copper, then uses a torch and solder to fuse all of the pieces together. Panes of glass are cut to size, fitted in place, and fastened with brass screws. David always signs the bottom of each finished bird feeder -- a mark that stands for long-lasting quality.

A bird feeder like this can be hung from a tree branch, or it can mounted on top of a post; wherever you put it, the wild birds in your area will be able to enjoy it for years to come.

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