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Organizing a Dresser

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Storing clothing and accessories properly can help keep them in good condition and make your daily routine more efficient. Even the most basic of storage spaces -- the dresser -- can become more organized.

Line the shallow top drawers of a dresser with a luxurious fabric that will provide a gentle cushion for jewelry, scarves, evening bags, and other accessories. This can be easily done by cutting a piece of sturdy cardboard or poster board to fit the inside of the drawer and covering it with a plush fabric such as velvet. Cut the fabric 1 1/2 inches larger all around than the cardboard, fold it over the edges, and secure with archival glue. You can finish the secured edges with bias tape and a bit more glue to prevent fraying.

Keep small pieces of jewelry, earring backs, buttons, and other easily lost notions in covered containers inside your accessories drawer. Use little round aluminum containers with clear glass covers, which will allow you to see what's inside.

For your sweater drawer, a few fragrant strips of cedar are a perfect lining. Not only will they keep your clothes smelling fresh, but they also act as a natural moth repellent.

To customize a large drawer that holds delicate underclothes, stockings, T-shirts, and knits, divide it into compartments using organizer boxes lined with acid-free tissue paper. Use small, narrow boxes for stockings and undergarments, and a larger size for folded shirts. Fold pieces of tissue paper inside thin garments to prevent wrinkling.


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