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Penny Fashion

Source: Martha Stewart Kids, Volume 11 2004


This Presidents' Day kids can pay tribute by wearing a brooch or hairpin featuring one of the holiday's honorees -- Abraham Lincoln, on a shiny copper penny. With plaid ribbon, hot glue, a coin, and a simple jewelry part, you can make a smart-looking accessory that will dress up a lapel or a ponytail.


  • Plaid ribbon

  • Thin ribbon

  • Hot glue

  • Penny

  • Brooch or bobbie pin

  • Scissors


  1. For brooch, you'll need 4 inches of thin red ribbon and 4 inches of wide plaid ribbon with notches cut in ends. Fold wide ribbon horizontally; iron, then hot-glue inside. Wrap red ribbon around plaid one, crossing ends in front. Iron, then hot-glue penny to front. Glue on pin backing.

  2. For hair pin, you'll need two 3 1/2- inch pieces of ribbon; cut a notch in each. Fold straight end so it's 3/4 inch above notch; iron, and hot-glue end in place. Crisscross ribbons; glue together. Glue penny to front and a flat bobby pin to back.

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