Living with a dog has a profound effect on your health: It can reduce your blood pressure, increase your amount of exercise, and leave you feeling happier overall. Adopt one of these charming shelter dogs, and bring the benefits of puppy love into your life.

Honey Bear

Six months ago, Honey Bear was one of a litter of six born at a puppy mill in West Virginia. Brought to the Animal Haven shelter in Flushing, New York, with her mom, brothers, and sister when she was five days old, Honey Bear was unable to be adopted initially because she needed heart surgery. But now, this sweet puppy has had the surgery and is ready for a good home. If you're interested in adopting Honey Bear, please contact Animal Haven at 212-274-8511.


A charming 2-year-old female, Dixie absolutely loves people and is already house trained. Best in an adult home with no other pets, she will be your best friend. If you're interested in adopting Dixie, please contact the Free to Live Animal Sanctuary at 405-282-8617.


A 3-year-old male terrier mix, Tommy was brought to the Pets in Need shelter when his family moved and he didn't get to go with them. Tommy loves chasing tennis balls and dances for peanut butter treats. Fantastic with children, Tommy will make a great family dog. If you're interested in adopting Tommy, please contact Pets in Need at 650-367-1405.

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Martha Stewart Member
January 4, 2019
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Martha Stewart Member
July 11, 2008
I WISH that we could come up with another word to describe adding a pet to a family through shelter/rescue! My two children were adopted from China and it is confusing and upseting to them to hear a word we use to describe how they joined our family - tossed around to describe pets. I have both rescue/feral dogs and cats - but my CHILDREN were adopted.
Martha Stewart Member
February 27, 2008
I am in California, I wish she would have given more info on places you can bring your animales if you have to put them up for adoption. Unfortunately we have a belguim shephard we rescued off the streets 3 years ago. We lost our home
Martha Stewart Member
February 20, 2008
I wish Martha would have adopted her dogs and cats from a shelter instead of buying purebreeds. She needs to do as she advises others.
Martha Stewart Member
February 18, 2008
Hello, i wish that Martha would have discussed dog food. I have researched dog food and decided after my research that in good conscience I would make their food. It has been an amazing experience coming up with dog food recipes and i was wondering if Martha has any dog food recipes she could share! Thanks Lenna
Martha Stewart Member
February 12, 2008
Oh I see the links. sorry.
Martha Stewart Member
February 12, 2008
Hey where are the pictures of them? How do you expect to have people adopt them if they cant see them?