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Everyday Food, Volume 13 June 2004

The wide range of flavors, from clean and refreshing to rich and buttery, has made this white wine America's favorite.

Where Does It Come From?
Once mainly grown in France, this versatile grape is now harvested in all the other major wine-growing countries, notably the United States, Australia, and Chile.

How Does It Taste?
In general, Chardonnays from cool-weather Burgundy, France, are crisp and apple-like; those from temperate regions of Chile and Northern California taste of plum and berries; and those from sunny Australia have luscious aromas of honey, tropical fruit, and spices. Chardonnays aged in oak barrels have a buttery feel with an oaky quality.

What Foods Does It Go With?
The lighter wines are good with pasta, shrimp, chicken, and delicate fish. The heavier varieties go well with richer food, such as pork, salmon, and tuna.

How Much Does It Cost?
You can find many bottles, oaked and unoaked, for less than $15.

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