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Pocket Scarf

Source: Martha Stewart Kids, Volume 6 2002


A muffler with sewn-up compartments offers all kinds of possibilities. Objects can be stockpiled, cleverly hidden, or simply toted along, like the dog on the left, for a very warm ride.

This is an easy project that older kids can do with adult supervision; all that's needed is pins, yarn, and a needle. Work with a scarf that's long and wide enough to accommodate the size pockets that kids would like.



  • Pins

  • Yarn

  • Needle

  • Scarf


  1. Kids should decide whether they want two pockets or three, and if they want them to be equal widths or not. Fold one end of the scarf up to the desired depth.

  2. Pin the sides, and then pin the middle to correspond to the desired widths; you can use a ruler to make sure the pins are in a straight row, or follow the rib of the scarf itself.

  3. Make a running stitch with a darning needle and yarn through both layers, using the pins as a guide. Reinforce top of seam with a cross stitch or a double stitch and tie off, hiding the ends inside.

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