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Pocket Purse

Source: Martha Stewart Kids, Volume 7 2003


A kid's favorite outgrown pants can be more than a stylish memory if you turn the pockets into a hip pocket purse. Little trendsetters can pick from this season's ribbons for a flattering purse handle.



  • Seam ripper

  • Old pants

  • Sturdy ribbon, such as grosgrain

  • Pins

  • Thread to match pants


  1. Use a seam ripper to remove two back pockets from old pants.

  2. Ask your daughter how long she'd like the purse handle to be, then cut a length of sturdy ribbon, such as grosgrain, to the desired size.

  3. Pin pockets together, right sides out, and sandwich ribbon between the pockets to form a handle. Stitch over old seams with matching thread.

  4. Anchor ribbon ends inside pockets by stitching over them.

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