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Nicole Miller Fashion Show

The Martha Stewart Show, March 2007

Cotton Voile Dress with Metal Gauze Ties ($620), T-Strap Wedge ($280), Brushed Teardrop Hoops ($50)
- Circular shapes in this dress are meant to resemble the Mayan sun
- Earthy, neutral colors are traditional in Mayan culture
- Material is a light, free cotton voile, perfect for a warm afternoon
- Accessories are sandal pumps and brushed tear drop hoops

Strapless Dress with Beading ($320), Braid Detailed Sandal Pumps ($280), Brushed Teardrop Hoops ($50)
- Epitome of that great strapless summer dress you wear over and over
- Dress has Bohemian, ethnic flair
- Easy piece to throw on and go
- Fabric is a combo of silk with crinkle metal
- Unique embellishments on the dress keep it from needing a lot of additional accessories
- A great dress to go from day to night in
- Accessories are sandal pumps and brushed tear drop hoops

Ivory Crochet Dress with 3/4 Sleeve ($330), Bandeau Santos Swim Bikini ($155), T-Strap Wedge ($280), Grande Damn Sunglasses ($120), Leather Belt with Cutout Detail ($72.50), Tribeca Natural Linen Tote ($225)
- This is a great natural, earthy crochet dress for summer
- The dress has a beachy elegance
- T-strap wedge, grande dame sunglasses, leather belt with cutout detail, Tribeca natural linen tote

Jaguar God Yellow Sweater ($400), Santos Print Bikini ($155), Canvas with Nappa Leather Tote ($281.25), Braid Detailed Sandal Pumps ($280)
- The colors (clay, mustard, ivory, and rust) are visible in the architecture in Tulum
- The sweater's mustard-yellow color is a staple of Nicole Miller's collections, and it brings about the essence of the sun
- White canvas with Nappa leather tote and perforated sandal pumps

Silk Strapless Gown with Scarf Train ($550), Perforated Sandal Pumps ($280), Brushed Metal Hoops ($50)
- Print is inspired by the Mayan calendar's design, which can be seen throughout Mexican culture
- With embellishments on the front and back, the dress makes a bold statement whether you're walking into a room or leaving one
- Braid detail sandal pumps and brushed metal hoops

Jaguar God Yellow Stretch Silk Sateen Dress with Gold Trim ($440), Braid Detailed Sandal Pumps ($280), Medallion Swag Necklace ($180)
- A fresh, modern take on the cocktail dress
- Subtle metallic detailing makes this dress appropriate for evening as well as daytime
- The dress has subtle Mayan flair without being overpowering
- The color of the dress is rich and is a consistent shade in the collections over the years
- The X-back makes the dress look great coming and going
- Perforated sandal pumps and medallion swag necklace

Gold Sun Jacquard, Clay Silk, and Stretch Metal Long Combo Gown ($575), Medallion with Chain Drop Earrings ($85), Perforated Sandal Pumps ($280)
- The gown is unique in its combination of fabrics and textures. It mixes a stretch metal with a silk and jacquard, and it also combines the rich, earthy tones of the Mayan culture
- The gown has an extremely flattering silhouette
- Medallion with chain drop earrings and braid detail sandal pumps

Special Thanks
Nicole Miller

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