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Bird Marionette

Welcome trick-or-treaters with a darkly delightful -- and wonderfully simple to make -- bird marionette craft from puppeteer Basil Twist.

Source: The Martha Stewart Show, October 2010


  • Scissors

  • Store-bought artificial black bird or crow

  • Hot-glue gun and hot-glue sticks

  • Scraps of woven black fabric

  • Three screw eyes

  • Bamboo pole

  • Roll of monofilament

  • Long needle, such as an upholstery or doll needle

  • Small black button or snap


  1. Cut wings off the body of a store-bought artificial crow. Use hot glue to attach a small piece of black fabric to the top and bottom of each wing to create "hinges." Reattach wings by hot-gluing the fabric hinges in place on the body.

  2. Attach three screw eyes to bamboo pole: two several inches apart toward one end of the pole, and one close to the end you will be holding.

  3. Thread a long strand of monofilament through the bird's head, from bottom to top, with a long needle. Secure monofilament under head by tying to a button or snap. Tie a long strand of monofilament to the tail. These two strands are meant to stabilize the bird at the front of the bamboo pole.

  4. Tie one long strand of monofilament through the end of each wing.

  5. Balancing the bird, run the head and tail strands up to the screw eye that is opposite the end of the pole you will be holding. Tie a double knot to secure to screw eye.

  6. Run the two wing strands through the second (middle) screw eye and back to the screw eye nearest the end you will be holding. Tie the strands to the closest screw eye. To operate the bird, hold the bamboo pole in one hand and pull the strands between the two screw eyes nearest you with the other.

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