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How To Hang Clothes

The Martha Stewart Show, July 2007

Do you know we wear 20 percent of our wardrobe 80 percent of the time? That means the majority of your clothes spend most of their life span hanging in the closet. Hangers can sometimes leave bumps and humps on your sweaters and shirts. Here are some helpful tips for the best way to hang clothes.

Never hang sweaters; they can easily sag and be pulled out of shape. Martha recommends folding them and laying a sheet of tissue paper inside so they don't wrinkle. If you are pressed for space, sweaters can be folded lengthwise and hung on a wooden hanger. Place a sheet of tissue paper between the bar and the sweater to prevent creases.

When it comes to hanging your blouses and shirts, there is one rule to remember: no wire hangers. They are the enemy of all clothing. As soon as clothing is returned from the dry cleaners, make sure to immediately remove it from the hanger. The hangers can be collected and returned to your cleaners to be used again. For a standard shirt, Martha suggests using wooden shirt hangers, which are curved and follow the slope of your shoulder. Button the second button from the top so it retains its shape while on the hanger.

For a more delicate blouse, you can use the same type of wooden hanger, but with padding at the shoulders to prevent bumps and humps.

All of this information can be found in our Homekeeping Handbook, which has a helpful chapter on closets and clothing care. Martha Stewart Everyday wooden hangers are available at Kmart.

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