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Caviar Basics

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Caviar, fish roe that has been sieved and lightly salted, is often thought of as the quintessential luxury food. The best roe comes from the three species of female sturgeon -- beluga, osetra, and sevruga -- caught in the Caspian Sea. These massive fish date to the era of dinosaurs and can weigh as much as two thousand pounds.

Beluga caviar has the most delicate-flavor; it is subtle, buttery, and creamy. Osetra has a more assertive, nutty taste. Sevruga, the least expensive of caviars, is nearly black with an almost fruity flavor. David Magnotta, the co-founder of Caviar Russe and managing director of Caspian Star Caviar, joins Martha to talk about the basics of caviar, including how to choose and store it.

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