Iron-On Art

Tools and Materials

Child's art

Iron-on transfer

Lunch sack

Iron-On Art How-To

Color copy child's art onto iron-on transfer specifically made for color or dark fabric. Cut image out (make corners curved, not pointy, and transfer will stay on better). Iron on image to a nylon lunch sack, following instructions for the product; insert a piece of cardboard inside the bag when ironing so insides won't melt together, and a press cloth on top.


Scissors: Fiskars, Iron: Rowenta,

Sticker Art

Tools and Materials

Children's art

Metal lunch boxes

Sticker Art How-To

Make color copies of child's art. Cut images out. Feed images through a Xyron loaded with a laminate/adhesive cartridge. Cut images out of the laminated sheet, leaving a 1/8-inch border around image. Peel backing off of the sticker and stick image in desired location on metal lunch box.


Xyron: Scissors: Fiskars,


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