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Pipe Cleaner Flower Ring

Turn a basic pipe cleaner into a charming cocktail ring using this simple process from Wendy Baner.

Source: The Martha Stewart Show


  • Six pipe cleaners in color of desired rose 

  • One green pipe cleaner


  1. Group six pipe cleaners with ends even, and twist in the middle about 5 times to create something that looks like whiskers.

  2. Put the twist under the intended ring finger and cross the "whiskers" over the top of the finger to measure the ring size. Remove pipe cleaners from finger and twist to size.

  3. Open and spread out the "legs." Make a very tiny bend on the end of each leg, pressing back onto itself. Start rolling each leg from the bend into the center, pulling back as you roll to make the roll as tight as possible.

  4. Arrange each rolled "petal" of the rose. Begin by turning the two innermost rolls to face each other, and work outward, arranging and organizing the petals until you are happy with the rose's shape.


    To add a leaf, twist a green pipe cleaner around the top of the ring, where it meets the flower. Roll each leg of the green pipe cleaner into the center as you did for the rose. Pinch the outside of each roll to give it a leaf shape.



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