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First Skin, Then Eyes

Blueprint, Fall 2006


"Makeup is a tool of enhancement; you shouldn't actually see all the effort you put into applying it," says Brigitte Reiss-Andersen, a New York City makeup artist and creative consultant for IsaDora Cosmetics (she also did the makeup shown here). "The trick is to use the right cosmetics in a discreet way. Nothing should stand out -- except you."


Step 1: Fresh Start
Apply moisturizer to freshly washed skin. "It's just like priming before painting," says Reiss-Andersen. "Moisturizer will soften your skin and help the makeup blend in." She likes to use Aura Science Transform Instant Brightener, an opalescent cream. "It has no color, but when you apply cosmetics on top, it turns the colors up a notch," she says.


Step 2: Perfect Skin
For best results, do your makeup in a room with natural light (it's easy to go too far in a dismally lit bathroom). Dab concealer anywhere you see darkness or redness under the eyes, around the nose, or on blemishes. "A little concealer goes a long way," Reiss-Andersen says. "It erases all the fatigue and misery" (visually, anyhow) and allows you to skip foundation and powder.


Step 3: Bring Out Eyes
Line the inside rim of your top lashes with a brown or gray eyeliner. The trick for barely there definition: Hold your lid up with a finger, and pencil just below the upper lashes, where makeup will appear less obvious. Then use a soft bronze or gold liner to line below the bottom lashes. "This ever so subtly highlights the eyes," she says. Curl lashes and apply mascara.

Skin & Eye Step-By-Step
Cheek & Lip Step-By-Step

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