Credit: Jonathan Kantor

A cluster of potted zinnias adds charm to the table at a country or casual wedding. A sign next to the display asks guests to "Please pick one." The pots are painted with acrylic paint to match the flowers. The theme that inspires the favor continues at each place setting: Seeds packaged in glassine bags are attached to each of the tented place cards with yellow twine that is inserted through two small punched holes, then tied in a bow. Directions for planting are printed inside the cards.


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Martha Stewart Member
January 15, 2009
We bought our pots at Ikea for 50 cents each. I just don't know what kind of plant to buy or where to buy them, how far in advance to buy them, etc.
Martha Stewart Member
January 6, 2009
the 99 cent store has wonderful succulents that last for years. I plan on going that route instead of flowers.
Martha Stewart Member
January 5, 2009
I was just thinking of something like this as a centerpiece. I like planting and didnt want a floral centerpiece that will just wilt.
Martha Stewart Member
December 7, 2008
You can find these flower pots at either Michael's or Hobby Lobby, also try your local home improvement store such as Lowes, or Home Depot. Normally they come in the standard clay so you can paint them.
Martha Stewart Member
November 26, 2008
I was wondering the same thing! I love the idea, but I just don't know where to buy tiny flower pots.
Martha Stewart Member
November 21, 2008
Love this idea. But where can you find pots that small?