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Wedding Favors in Boxes

Source: Martha Stewart Weddings, Volume 12 2000


  • Boxes

  • Treats

  • Ribbons

  • Other decorations


  1. Start with plain, inexpensive boxes, and fill them with anything you like: a souvenir from the city you are marrying in; a scented soap; or a few scrumptious cookies, chocolates, or other sweets. And be sure to consider how best to display the finished favors. You might arrange them in rows on a large table by the door, pile them in bowls for centerpieces, or set them at each guest's place -- perhaps even having them serve double duty as place cards.

  2. A paper ribbon printed with poetry binds a stack of boxes.

  3. A blue ribbon threaded through the lid and sides and secured with knots creates a handle for this box.

  4. This package is sealed with a personalized label made using a rubber stamp.

  5. A copper-cord tie is finished with a monogrammed wax seal.

  6. Buttons make charming closures: Punch holes in the box's lid for the button, slip wire through, and fasten on the underside; tie a ribbon to the button's base, loop it around the box, and wrap to secure.

  7. The message on this lilac scroll was calligraphed, then photocopied onto the paper.

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