Martha and pet keeper Marc Morrone share some valuable tips for keeping our beloved animals safe and happy during the holidays.

Follow these simple tips to keep your pets safe during the holidays.

1. Keep Cats Away From Wool Coats

Many cats, especially Siamese and Himalayans, have fetishes for chewing and eating wool. Don't pile up your guests' coats on chairs or the bed if you have cats in the house; hang them up in a closet or on a coat rack.

2. Use a Pet-Hair Remover Before Guests Arrive

To avoid having your guests go home covered in pet hair, use a pet-hair remover such as the Scotch Fur Fighter Hair Remover on all your upholstery before your guests arrive so the seat of their pants or dresses and their coats are fur free.

3. Beware Of Drinks and Kids Around Your Fish Tanks

During a holiday party, drinks and extra food could end up in your fish tank, so be sure to cover the top of the tank securely.

4. Keep Shopping Bags Away From Active Kitties

While wrapping presents during the holidays, many of us tend to put all the scraps in a plastic bag to throw away when finished. This is a huge draw for young kittens, and it could cause a number of problems: Your kitten could get caught inside the bag and thrown away with the scraps, or the plastic bag could cause your pet to suffocate.

5. Keep Birds Away From Drafty Windows and Doors

Many birds die of pneumonia around the holidays because so many people are coming and going, and the constant draft from the door gets to the birds. Cover the cage and move it to another room: It also helps them relax with the festivities going on, and you can even decorate it for the holidays.

6. Don't Let the Cat or Dog Escape

While doors are opening and closing at night, your cat or dog may sneak out unseen. As a precaution, confine your pets to a spare room or a crate while the party is going on.

7. Don't Give a Puppy as a Gift

If you're planning to get a dog, give a stuffed one instead -- attach a card to the stuffed animal's collar that reads something like this: "Once we're ready to be pet owners, we'll go to the shelter together to pick out our new puppy." Half the time, the recipients don't want the pet, so they don't take the time to train it, which leads to the new pet destroying the house. Eventually, it ends up in a shelter.

Special Thanks

Special thanks to pet expert Marc Morrone for sharing his tips on how to keep a safe environment for our pets while entertaining our guests during this holiday season.


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