If your pet is stealing food from the table or nipping when you feed her by hand, try these simple tips to put her back on her best behavior.

These quick and easy dog training tips can help set your problem pooch in line.

Stealing Food from the Table

If you find food missing from your dinner table, chances are your dog is the culprit. Try the following tips to solve the problem. Please note, these tips tend only to work for sound sensitive dogs.

  • Put half of a turkey sandwich on a regular plate on the table that your dog is stealing from. Let the dog go to the table and eat the sandwich.
  • Then, place another plate with a turkey sandwich covered with plastic wrap on the table. Rub meat on the wrap so it smells like the sandwich.
  • Move that plate on top of the plate from which your dog just stole the sandwich.
  • Let your dog go to the table to try to eat this sandwich. When he tries to steal the food, throw something near him, such as keys or an aluminum bowl. Do not throw the object at him. Be sure to throw behind him, so he doesn't associate the sound with you. The sound of the dropping object will startle the dog, and he'll back off.
  • Repeat until he learns not to eat from the table. You may need to repeat this procedure for each table the dog is eating from.

Eating Nicely Out of Your Hand

To prevent your dog from snapping at your hand or accidentally biting your fingers when you feed him from your hand, try this:

  • Say, "easy," and open your hand only when he taps your fist with his nose.
  • Put the food or treat in your hand and make a fist. If he uses his teeth, gently bump his nose.

Stealing Food From a Plate in Your Lap

Often, dogs will try to steal food from the plate in your lap when you're having guests over or at a party. To prevent your dog from stealing food in this manner, this quick tip works well:

  • Say "leave it" and pull back on the leash.
  • Repeat multiple times.

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Dog Behaviorist Kathy Santo

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