There isn't a kitten that wouldn't purr over a catnip-filled knitted pillow. The toys are also packed with wool stuffing and a jingle bell.
Read step by step instructions after the video.

This toy is a great way to use leftover yarn because it requires less than an ounce. You'll also need a handful of wool stuffing, a large needle, a jingle bell, and a couple of spoonfuls of dried catnip.

Abbreviation Key:

St= StitchK= KnitKFB= Knit into front and back of stitch (to make 2 stitches where there was 1)P= PurlK2Tog= Knit 2 stitches togetherP2Tog= Purl 2 stitches togetherBO= Bind off

We used chunky-weight yarn and size-11 needles to make a 3-inch-wide heart. Using different yarn weights and needles will produce results in a variety of sizes. The instructions use standard knitting abbreviations; refer to the key for clarification.


What you need


How to do it

Part 1

Step 1

Cast on 2 St.
Row 1: KFB, K to last St, KFB.
Row 2: P.
Repeat these 2 rows until there are 14 St (12 rows total).

Step 2

Row 13: K2Tog, K5, and turn work; leave remaining 7 St on needle. Row 14: Working with the 6 St closest to end of needle, P2Tog, P2, P2Tog. Row 15: BO 4 Sts, and trim remaining yarn to 24 inches. Use large needle to weave yarn through back of piece to beginning of reserved 7 St. Row 16: Working with reserved 7 St, K5, K2Tog. Row 17: P2Tog, P2, P2Tog. Row 18: BO 4.

Step 3

Using a large needle, weave loose ends of yarn into back of heart.

Step 4

Repeat knitting instructions above to make a second heart.

Step 5

Stack hearts with right sides out. Using a mattress stitch and a needle threaded with yarn, sew hearts together along perimeter, leaving a 1-inch gap.

Step 6

Tuck half the stuffing inside heart, and insert a bell and catnip. Add remaining stuffing to fill heart.

Step 7

Sew closed the 1-inch gap in the heart pillow, and weave yarn up inner side of heart. Trim excess yarn at edge of heart so that the loose end is hidden inside.


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