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Vacation Pet Tag

If you take your pet on vacation this summer, add a tag like this one to her collar. That way, if she strays, people will be able to reach you. 

Source: Martha Stewart


Before your pet becomes part of your travel plans, make sure to take the proper precautions including necessary identification. Whether you're driving across the country, flying abroad, or spending a weekend somewhere nearby home, vacation is one of the most common opportunities for your pet to become lost. Here is the vital information to print on your pet's tag: address of temporary residence, phone number, and the dates of your stay. Pair your pet's vacation tag with an ID tag that states your regular contact information.


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  • Card stock

  • 2-inch circular craft punch

  • Clear self-adhesive shelf liner (Pictured: Con-Tact Clear Shelf / Drawer Liner, 288-by-18 inches, $7.47,

  • Hole punch

  • Key ring


  1. Print your contact information on card stock.

  2. Cut out a 2-inch circle onto card stock and 2 pieces of clear self-adhesive shelf liner.

  3. Sandwich paper between pieces of liner. Punch a hole for a key ring to attach to a collar.

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