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Miniature Donkeys

Learn about Martha's pet miniature donkeys.

The Martha Stewart Show, July 2008

Miniature donkeys are charming creatures by nature, standing anywhere from 31 to 38 inches high at full height, as measured from the ground to the withers -- that is, the space just above the shoulder blades, where the neck meets the back. When miniature donkeys are young, they are stubborn, rambunctious, and sometimes difficult to manage. Older donkeys are calmer and more amenable. Because they love company, Martha got two of her furry friends, Clive and Rufus, at the same time. But, since they are both male, she later added a female miniature donkey, Billie, to avoid any gender-related personality difficulties.

Groups like the National Miniature Donkey Association are made up of people who want to protect and promote the breed. To read more about Martha's miniature donkeys, visit The Martha Blog.

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Marc Morrone, pet expert
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