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Leafy Greens for Kitty

Cats love grass. But if they don't have access to it, they may turn to houseplants to satiate their cravings. Help keep your feline out of your flora by growing wheatgrass for her, which is safer than your lawn or other greenery.

Although you can buy wheatgrass, also called cat grass, at pet stores, it's much less expensive to grow your own -- and it's relatively easy to do. The growing process takes 6 to 9 days; the grass will last about a week. (If eating wheatgrass upsets your cat's stomach, discard the plant. If the wheatgrass looks unhealthy or shows signs of mold, it should not be consumed.)

Tools and Materials
Hard organic wheat for wheatgrass (
Potting soil
Wide, flat planter

Leafy Greens How-To
1. Presprout seeds: Soak seeds in cool water for 12 hours (soak enough to cover planter surface completely; seeds in planter should touch but not overlap). Drain seeds. Rinse in cool water, and drain again; set aside for 8 hours out of direct sunlight. Repeat rinsing up to 3 more times. The seeds are ready to be planted when a little white root just emerges.

2. Plant seeds: Sow seeds densely in 1 layer on moistened potting soil in planter. Cover planter with something that will block light but let air in (we used a shoebox lid). When pale sprouts are 1 inch tall, uncover and place planter in sunlight to grow. Water as needed to keep soil moist. Grass is ready when wider green leaves appear.

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