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Personalized Dot-Painted Pet Bowls

Show your furry friends how much you love them with elegantly personalized food and water bowls -- all you need is a little transfer paper, paint, and a few other supplies from around the house.

Photography: Johnny Miller

Source: The Martha Stewart Show, Episode 5128


  • Enamel pet bowl

  • Scissors

  • Transfer paper

  • Clear tape

  • Pen or stylus

  • Food-safe ceramic or porcelain paint

  • Applicator bottle with fine tip

  • Scrap paper

  • Baby wipes

  • Straight pin


  1. Print pet's name on a piece of paper in desired font, adjusting size to fit bowl. Cut out each letter. Cut a piece of transfer paper slightly larger than each letter. Place transfer paper under first letter and tape both to bowl; repeat with remaining letters. Using a pen or stylus, firmly trace the outline of each letter.

  2. Remove the letters and transfer paper; a faint design should be visible on the bowl. Pour paint into applicator bottle. Practice making dots by squeezing the bottle gently over scrap paper, then apply the paint to the dish following the traced design with evenly spaced dots. Use a straight pin to unclog the tip, as necessary. Wipe away mistakes with a baby wipe. Let the paint dry for two hours, then wipe away the transfer lines with a baby wipe. If the bowl has a rubber ring along its bottom, remove it. Bake the dish according to the manufacturer's instructions; let cool before reattaching rubber ring.

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