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The Martha Stewart Show, March 2009

If you have dogs, you're likely on the lookout for new products that will help keep them healthy, entertained, and even challenged -- these pet products do exactly that!

Talk To Me Treat Ball

The Talk To Me treat ball, by Talk To Me Pet Products:

  • Won best new product at Global Pet Expo, the largest annual pet trade show in the world, in 2004.
  • Was ranked Best Toy by Tufts University because it appeals to a dog's five senses.
  • Rewards dogs for their actions. (There's a cat ball, too, only smaller.)
  • Can help with separation anxiety.
  • Can record a personal message as often as you like so it's like a new toy every day.
  • Can be filled with small treats or kibble.
  • Is available in three sizes: mini, small-med, and large, plus one for cats. (A new rubber version works great on hardwood floors.)
  • Learn more at

Nuhemp Products

NuHemp, based in Ontario, Canada, makes treats, supplements, and grooming products (the company's "2 in 1" conditioning shampoo, coat conditioning spray , and dog treats were featured on the show) that are healthy and environmentally friendly.

  • Treats contain Omega 3, 6 and 9 -- essential fatty acids and natural antioxidants to maintain balance in your pet's immune system and metabolism.
  • Grooming products have no harsh synthetic chemicals.
  • Hemp is used in all products and is a renewable resource full of nutritional and therapeutic benefits.
  • Learn more at

Nina Ottosson Interactive Games

Nina Ottosson started Zoo Active Products AB in 1993. The company's Interactive Games were featured on the show.

  • The toys activate the dog in a positive and educational manner by allowing them to problem-solve by finding hidden dog snacks.
  • They're a great way for owners to have a fun and rewarding time with their pets.
  • These brain exercises are for dogs of any age and are a great way to stimulate those that cannot move freely due to illness or injury.
  • Learn more at

Special Thanks
Special thanks to Greg Kleva, dog behavioral therapist, master trainer, and host of "It's a Dog's Life" on Sirius Radio, for sharing these amazing products with us. All three products were given to members of our studio audience. For more information, visit:, and Special thanks to The Company of Animals for giving Dog Magic interactive game to the studio audience.

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