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Freeing an Animal from a Glue Trap

Glue traps are a cruel and inefficient way to handle a rodent pest problem. If you ever find a wild animal stuck on a glue trap, Mary Cummins of Animal Advocates recommends calling a wildlife rehabilitator, who would be best equipped to handle the situation. If one is not available, she suggests the following procedure.

Tools and Materials

  • Heavy garden gloves
  • Vegetable oil 
  • Plastic spoon 
  • Dish soap
  • Deep plastic container or pet carrier

Glue Trap Rescue How-To 
1. Wear heavy gloves to protect yourself from bites.

2. Working in an enclosed space to prevent the freed animal from running off, put the vegetable oil on the body part stuck to the glue trap.

3. Very gently use the plastic spoon to pry the animal off. Remember: When he's free, he'll try to run away, but you're not done with him yet!

4. After you get the animal off the trap, use dish soap to remove as much of the oil as possible.

5. Rinse well, and let the animal dry in a safe place such as a deep plastic container or pet carrier. Note: If the animal's head can fit through the bars of a pet carrier, he can easily get out of it. 

6. Make sure the animal is warm, hydrated, and has had some food before releasing. Contact a wildlife rehabilitator for tips on how and where to re-release. 

7. Most importantly, get rid of any remaining glue traps. It is illegal to put glue traps where non-target wildlife could access them, and it is illegal to harm protected wildlife such as tree squirrels and birds.

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