A bright light worn on the collar helps make nighttime walks safer for you and your pet.

"When my son was diagnosed with ADHD, he told me, 'I'm unhappy all the time and I don't know why,' " says Jacquelyn Simoni.

During the two years in which she left her job to help her son, one of the things that brought joy to their lives was Tangent, the new family dog.

However, walking Tangent at night proved dangerous. Avoiding cars and slippery patches of ice meant Jacquelyn had to carry a flashlight in addition to the leash, a bag, and mace. One night, she thought, "Tangent could carry the light."

Jacquelyn realized that having Tangent carry the light would enable cars to see him on the street while freeing her hands of a flashlight. Furthermore, nighttime dog-walking would be safer and more enjoyable, and a light could even help dogs with poor vision find their way. Eventually, this light became PupLights, which are now sold at stores all over the world including Petco, Doctors Foster & Smith, Cabela's, and Duluth Trading.

What's been most rewarding, though, is the knowledge that donations of PupLights have helped the Hurricane Katrina relief effort, National Dog Day Foundation, and the Junior Iditarod, she says. After Hurricane Katrina, the 82nd airborne used PupLights to help rescue flood victims in areas with no power at night. That night, Jacquelyn's invention had truly become a life-saver.

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Martha Stewart Member
April 9, 2011
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