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Ask Marc: Where to Get a Kitten

Animal expert Marc Morrone looks at the pros and cons of adopting kittens from shelters, friends and other sources.

Dear Marc: My friend's cat recently had kittens. Is it OK to get a kitten from a friend or should I get one at a pet store or animal shelter?
I have gotten kittens from friends' litters, shelters, pet stores, and off the street, and all have been fine pets. 

Getting a kitten from a municipal shelter would, in many cases, save a life, so if you do get one from your friend, perhaps consider going to your local municipal shelter to adopt a second one, so you have two kittens -- two kitties are twice the fun and, for the kitten, the best toy is... another kitten! 

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Marc Morrone, pet expert
Parrots of the World

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