Animal expert Marc Morrone looks at the pros and cons of adopting kittens from shelters, friends and other sources.
Credit: Stephen Lewis

Dear Marc: My friend's cat recently had kittens. Is it OK to get a kitten from a friend or should I get one at a pet store or animal shelter?

I have gotten kittens from friends' litters, shelters, pet stores, and off the street, and all have been fine pets.

Getting a kitten from a municipal shelter would, in many cases, save a life, so if you do get one from your friend, perhaps consider going to your local municipal shelter to adopt a second one, so you have two kittens -- two kitties are twice the fun and, for the kitten, the best toy is... another kitten!

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Marc Morrone, pet expert

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Martha Stewart Member
October 22, 2011
I agree with Marc about getting a kitten from your friends litter, as well as adopting one from a shelter. And as Marc tells us, "Do your research and make sure of nutrition and health needs for the animal or animals you are going to have. Thank you Elaine Peterson animal lover.