Should your dog wear a poncho and boots in the rain?
Credit: Krause, Johansen

Dear Marc: Should I put a poncho and boots on my dog when it's raining outside?

Whether or not you should dress your dog in a poncho and boots -- or any clothing for that matter -- when the weather is bad, all depends on the dog.

Remember, some dog breeds were created for warm climates and some for cold climates depending on their needed functions. If you have a dog whose coat is shorthaired and who doesn't seem to tolerate lower temperatures too well, and you live in a cold-weather environment, your dog would probably appreciate protective footwear and clothing. Or, if you and your dog spend a lot of time running through the woods or walking on salt-laden, icy streets, boots may be more comfortable.

As with anything new, always introduce things slowly, and for short durations at first. If your dog seems cold and needs a sweater or coat, let him get used to it at home first. And, as long as the shoes don't compromise your dog's footing in any way, and he or she feels comfortable wearing them, boots are good, too.

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Marc Morrone, pet expert


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