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Pugs 101

This small dog's outgoing, affectionate nature makes it a good pet for a household with kids.

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If you're considering adopting a dog, you might add a pug to your list of candidates -- especially if you have children or live in an apartment. Descended from the ancient Chinese Foo dogs and bred for centuries to maintain their small size, pugs are known for their massive heads, huge eyes, and deeply wrinkled foreheads.

They usually only grow to be about a foot tall and weigh from 14 to 18 pounds. Their coats are short and fine, and as far as temperament is concerned, pugs are outgoing and affectionate, making them ideal pets for kids.

Although pugs are a relatively healthy breed of dog, their large eyes put them at greater risk for developing eye-related injuries. They also have a tendency to overeat, so it's important to watch your pug's diet so that it stays fit and trim. Because of their flat faces -- and this is true of any dog with similar facial features -- pugs are prone to respiratory problems, which can cause them to be especially sensitive to heat. Provide a cool location for your pug when temperatures reach 80 degrees or above.

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