Technology gifts are a wonderful idea for many on your holiday gift list, but if you have parents or grandparents who do not use a computer, options can be limited. Presto is an online service that delivers e-mail to a printing mailbox connected to a regular phone line, and can be a great way to communicate with family members who do not traditionally use the Internet.

The new PrestoConnect website, a central place on the Internet designed to make managing family communications easier, launched on November 18, 2008 with the following fantastic features:

-- Usage Data: Allows you to see how many messages your parent or grandparent is receiving.

-- Nudge Feature: Allows you to gently remind siblings and kids that a message from them would make Grandma or Grandpa's day.

-- Reminders: Allows you to schedule reminders for your parents or grandparents, like an appointment, dinner date, or medication schedule.

-- To-Do Lists: Allows you to create one-time or recurring grocery lists or doctor questions that you can schedule and deliver when you like.


Special thanks to Presto CEO Peter Radsliff for explaining the new features on the PrestoConnect website and for giving a Presto Printing Mailbox with a three-month service membership to our studio audience. For more information, visit


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