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Martha Stewart Living, Volume 133 December 2004

Pomanders, aromatic spheres that are prepared by studding citrus fruits with cloves, have been used since medieval times and still make lovely holiday decorations. If they dry out without getting moldy, they'll last up to a year before their fragrance completely fades.

To make a pomander, stud an orange, lemon, or other firm-fleshed citrus fruit with whole, stemmed cloves. It is easier to insert the cloves if you poke a hole first with a nail or knitting needle; space them evenly and as close together as possible. If you'd like to add additional notes of fragrance to the pomander, place powdered spices like cinnamon or powdered dried lavender in a resealable plastic bag, and shake the pomander inside the bag until it is coated with the scent. Add powdered orrisroot as well, to promote quick and even drying.

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