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Candy-Filled Headstones

Source: Martha Stewart Living, Volume 143 October 2005


Only brave party guests dare disturb the tasty contents of these graves. The candy-filled headstones are mini black paper bags placed in a tray filled with black sand; for the harrowing how-to, see below. Beside the graveyard, candles float in "blood," made by tinting water with red and blue food coloring.


  • Black paper bag

  • Candy

  • Glue

  • Stamp with white ink


  1. Download templates and cut out, or draw your own.

  2. Trace top edge underneath the opening of a 2 3/4-by-5 1/2-inch black paper bag, available at crafts stores; cut out.

  3. Stamp message in white ink on bag. Fill with candy; seal with a glue stick.

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