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Displaying a Collection

Martha Stewart Living Television

No matter what kinds of objects pique your interest, if you collect them, you'll want to display them properly and prominently. Although Martha has never really considered herself a collector, she admits that when she finds something she likes, such as transferware, she purchases as much of it as she can. Here are some helpful tips on how she arranges her transferware collection for display.

There are a few general tips to keep in mind when displaying a collection of dishes, glassware, or other antiques. Pushpins can be used to create a lip on a shelf and to hold a plate upright. In addition, plate stands and museum adhesives can often be good tools for exhibiting pieces.

Martha places her transferware in a hutch, propping a faux bois plate against the hutch wall as a backdrop. An important piece, a beautiful tureen, is placed in front of the backdrop to create a focal point and is flanked by an assortment of stacked teacups. On the lower shelves, large objects adorned with characteristic transferware storytelling imagery are clustered together.

In this segment, Martha referred to her East Hampton Step Back Cabinet from the Lily Pond Collection of the Martha Stewart Signature Furniture.

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