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Moving Daffodils

I will be moving from my home this spring and don't want to leave my beautiful daffodils behind. Can you suggest the best method for transporting these bulbs?

-Corina Brdar, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

If your daffodils have special meaning to you, it will not seem too much trouble to move them to your new home. The following instructions apply just as well to transplanting them within your garden.

Try to wait until just after the flowers have bloomed, then cut the stems back, leaving the foliage. Then, dig straight down around the plant with a garden fork, loosening the soil to a depth of seven to nine inches. Draw the plants from the soil by pulling lightly on their leaves. Lay them in a box or basket lined with burlap. If you use a box, cut some holes in the sides beforehand to allow for ventilation.

Keep the daffodils cool while you are transporting them and avoid excess moisture. It is best to plant them right away, but, realistically, they can be kept for a few days in a dark, cool place. When replanting them, put the bulbs at the same level in the soil as they were before. Do not cut the foliage back - it will die naturally after it has replenished the plant's strength for the next season.


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