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Bows for Everything

Photography: Anna Williams

Source: Martha Stewart Living, December 2004


Ribbon card holders descend from extra-large tuxedo bows, bound tightly in the middle for a billowing effect; cards slide into "pockets" created by gluing narrow satin ribbon at various intervals.

Garlands are traditional for staircases, but a satin ribbon swag with lots of bows hung beneath a windowsill can add architectural interest and a bit of whimsy. Make the bows first -- these are classic bows -- then pin them to ribbon taped to the sill.

A figure-eight bow fashioned from wire-edge ribbon serves as a wreath topper for a triptych of oval boxwood rings, made snowy with floral spray; the bow's tails were wrapped around a broom handle to form playful, pirouetting curls. Since these displays are temporary, hang them from removable self-adhesive hooks that won't damage the walls

Tuxedo bows accessorize dapper glass votives wrapped in satin ribbon. You can give a set with a ribbon-covered matchbook as a gift.

The tabletop tree is trimmed entirely with bow ornaments: Grosgrain medallions, crisscrossed figure eight bows, and petal bows spin like snowflakes; layered-loop bows, hung vertically, mimic ribbon candy; paper trays filled with mints dangle from tuxedo bows.

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