A good holiday party can start with a good bar; follow these four tips from Chef Emeril Lagasse, Union Square Hospitality Group founder Danny Meyer, and event planner Bronson Van Wyck to create a surefire libation station.

1. Stock plenty of ice, a backup cork screw, and tasty marcona almonds.

2. Decorate the bar with a red velvet underlay, tartan overlay, and simple white floral arrangement.

3. Ensure there is peace, happiness, and equanimity in your household -- this way, before your guests even take their first sip of a festive drink, they will sense the emotional harmony of your home.

4. And, of course, make creative holiday cocktails -- or mocktails -- try these recipes for Cranberry Daiquiri, Eggnog, Modern Old-Fashioned, Modern Punch, Mortoni, Poinsettia Cocktail, or Up the Alley.


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